Original Jews Were Black Buddhist From India, Obama & Buddhism, Tina Turner Mother to Proud Black Buddhist in America

February is Black History Month: Buddhist history is Black history. While many say the story of Christ is the Greatest story ever told, the story of the Black Buddha is the greatest untold story in the 21st Century. There is no figure in human history who has more iconic and archaeological ruins than the Buddha. Unknown to almost everybody, "The original Jews were Black Buddhist from India." Tina Turner is the mother to Black Buddhist in America and Barack Obama and Buddhism untold story.

​February marks Black History month and most  Blacks are unaware that  the greatest Black history in the world is Buddhist history.  Anthony "Amp" Elmore from Memphis, Tennessee is President and Founder of the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association."  Elmore released and uploaded a few of  his "Black History month Buddhist History lectures; "The original Jews were Black, Buddhist and comes from India," Barack Obama and Buddhism" and "Tina Turner and Buddhism a new way to pray."

An African proverb reads; "if lions were historians Hunters would no longer be heroes. Dr. Carter G. Woodson created what is known today as "Black History month. Dr. Woodson classic 1933's book: "The Mis education of the Negro is a classic Black history book.  Elmore uploaded a Buddhist lecture in January of 2016 "The Mis-Education of the Buddhist Negro."  Elmore notes that our greatest historians who left us written records of Black Buddhist history were the "Greeks."  In the time of Homer India was known to the world as "Eastern Ethiopia."  Herodotus the father of history writes about India: “All the tribes I mentioned… their skins are all of the same color, much like the Ethiopians.” (history of Herodotus (Greek Historian 484 B.C.E.)

Diodorus (Greek Historian 100 B.C.) writes “And upon his return to Greece, they   gathered around and asked, “tell us about the great land of the Blacks called Ethiopia.” And Herodotus said, “There are two great Ethiopian nations, one in Sind (India) and the other in Egypt.”

"The time has now arrived when it becomes proper to enter upon an examination of the doctrines of the celebrated Buddha of India, which were the foundations of all the mythoses of the Western nations, as well as of those which we have seen of Cristna; and from these two were supplied most of the superstitions which became engrafted into the religion of Jesus Christ."

Sir Godfrey Higgins, British Historian; Book Anacalypsis 1835

Anthony "Amp" Elmore a Memphis native and  President and Founder of the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association" notes that Mahayana Buddhism started in India by by Kushun King Kanishka and Ashvaghosha mark the time in history whereas the Buddhist religion was separated by race, culture and language.  King Kanishka changed the Buddha's image from "Black to White" and we see this in the historic Gandhara "Greco-Buddhist art. This is the time we see Buddha carved in Greco images.

Black Buddhist history tells a different story of Jews rather than one of Jews  wandering in the dessert; the Japanese Buddhist teachers whom Elmore learned Buddhism from not only totally extricate all Black Buddhist history culture and language from Buddhist teachings the Japanese engage in what Elmore calls "Psychological Warfare" in regards to Black Buddhist in America. Elmore notes that Asians have most Black Buddhist so "physched out" that many African/Americans not only will not accept Black Buddhist history, many African/Americans Buddhist have developed a culture of hate and disdain of not only Black Buddhist history, most will note engage in Black cultural movements for social equality and justice.

Elmore a Nichiren Buddhist follows the teachings of the 13th Japanese Buddhist sage Nichiren Shonin who teach that the Lotus Sutra was the highest of the Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha of India teachings.  Elmore points out that Lotus Sutra is in accord with archaeological, anthropological, Genetic and literary science whereas many Japanese claim they practice the "Lotus Sutra,"  their Buddhist practice and teachings of extricating all Black culture, language and history from Buddhist teachings runs counter to the facts of science, history and that of the Lotus Sutra.

Archaeological science proves the 1st inhabitants of Japan were from Africa. America's 1st Anthropologist Dr. Francis Alexander Chamberlain notes the 1st Shogun of Japan was Black and early Japanese were connected to African ancestry.  Nichiren Shonin the founder of Nichiren Buddhism wrote that he was from the family of the "Chandala"  (oppressed Blacks India.)

Elmore a student of Black history has for decades  studied the lengthy classic 1836 book the "Anacalpysis" written by British Historian Sir Godfrey Higgins. The Anacalpysis full title is "an inquiry into the origin of Languages, Nations and Religions." Elmore notes that "Higgins a true historian backs up his thesis with the facts of science.

It is from the Anacalpysis whereas Higgins writes that not only were the "Original Jews" were Black Buddhist from India, Higgins writes that all ancient icons of the Buddha prove him to be "Black" and the artifacts were in the British Museum.  Higgins writes in the Anacalpysis regarding the Black Buddha; "Mr. Moore, on his woolly head, says, "Some statues of Buddha certainly exhibit thick Ethiopian lips;* but all woolly hair : there is something mysterious, and unexplained, connected with the hair of this, and only of this, Indian deity. The fact of so many different tales having been invented to account for his crisped, woolly head, is alone sufficient to excite suspicion, that there is something to conceal-something to be ashamed of; more than meets the eye."

Godfrey Higgins writes about the original Jews: " Mr. Maurice says, "The Yadavas were the most venerable emigrants from India; they were the blameless and  pious   Ethiopians,** whom Homer mentions, and calls the remotest of mankind. Part of them, say the old Hindu writers, remained in this country; and hence we read of two   Ethiopian nations, the Western and the Oriental. Some of them lived far to the East; and they are the Yadavas who stayed in India, while others resided far to the West."*** The fact of art of the tribe yet remaining in existence, is one of the pieces of circumstantial evidence which I consider invaluable. It cannot be the produce of forgery, and couples very well with the two Sions, two Merus, &c., &c. It is on circumstances of this kind that I ground my      system. They surpass all written evidence, for they cannot have been forged. This   emigrating tribe of Yadu or Yuda, we shall find of the first  importance, for they are no other than the Jews.

Elmore is fighting a task harder than Atlas holding the earth in his effort to change how the world views Buddhism.  Elmore notes that the key element and mis-understanding of Buddhism and its connection the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam was the advent of Mahayana Buddhism, whereas Buddhism was separated by race, culture and language.

The Buddhist India/Africa connection connects Buddhism not only to Asia, but the African connection places Buddhism as Godfrey Higgins writes in the Anacalypsis place Buddhist as the foundation of western Mythoses.  Higgins writes;The time has now arrived when it becomes proper to enter upon an examination of the doctrines of the celebrated Buddha of India, which were the foundations of all the mythoses of the Western nations, as well as of those which we have seen of Cristna; and from these two were supplied most of the superstitions which became engrafted into the religion of Jesus Christ.”

Elmore notes that the Japanese Nichiren sects who teach Buddhism to Blacks practice "Cultural Imperialism."  Elmore notes that in 2008 when the world was engaged in "Obama Mania" his Japanese Buddhist teachers were clear to not only to not acknowledge a Black man, Barack Obama, but a Japanese cell phone company created a commercial showing the Obama message of Change associated then candidate Obama as a "Monkey." 

American President Barack Obama Jr. visited a Buddhist temple in Kamakura Japan when he was six years old and when he returned to Japan as President of the United States in 2011 he re-visited the Buddhist temple.  While as a youth President Obama's mother took him to Buddhist temples and his sister Maya is a Buddhist.

Elmore created a video called "Barack Obama and Buddhism" noting President Obama's close connection to Buddhism. While President Obama visited many Buddhist temples during his visits to various Asian Countries Elmore notes that the Japanese Nichiren Buddhist sects purposefully played down the "Obama Buddhist Connection." Elmore notes that the Japanese Nichiren Sects purposefully refuse to expose anythings in regards to a "Black cultural integration" or promote anything that shows a Black person equal to a Japanese in regards to Buddhism. 

Elmore notes that Rock and Roll queen Tina Turner  the most noted Buddhist in the west challenged "Asian Buddhist cultural Imperialism." Elmore calls Tina Turner; "Mother of Proud Black Buddhist in America." Elmore uploaded a video lecture called; Tina Turner and Buddhism a new way to pray.  Elmore notes that while Tina Turner was successful in transitioning from what was "The Chitterlings circuit (small Black venues) to becoming the "Queen of Rock & Roll." Elmore notes that Tina Turner leaves a legacy,  not only all American Buddhist, Tina specifically leaves a Black Buddhist history legacy from "Black Buddhist." Elmore  note; we "Proud Black Buddhist call Tina Turner "A Bodhisattva of the Earth."   Shakyamuni Buddha transfered the essence of the Lotus Sutra to the Bodhisattvas of the Earth, entrusting them with the mission of propagating Buddhism  in the Latter Day of the Law. The Proud Black Buddhist world association  considers Tina as the "Mother of Proud Black Buddhist."

February 15, 1979 is the official "Historical  start Date of the "Proud Black Buddhist in America."  On this date the then "African/American world's most prestigious publication "Jet magazine featured Tina Turner on the Cover speaking about Buddhism.  The story is a historic "Black Buddhist story" and the 1st of its kind recorded specifically for "Black people worldwide."

Worldwide Mahayana Buddhism extricates all Black culture and history from Buddhism.  While Asians purposefully place Blacks in subordinate roles in Buddhism "Tina Turner" never allow any Asian to "Stand in her shadow."  Even in 2013 when Tina got married she choose not to have a "Buddhist Wedding" thereby promoting Asian Buddhist cultural imperialism. Tina met the Dali Lama and auspiciously not appear in a photograph with him. Tina never appears in photographs with SGI leader Daisaku Ikeda.

Elmore notes; we call ourselves "Proud Black Buddhist " as a cultural Buddhist organization and we never want to be labeled as a "Black Nationalist Sect." We are open to all people. We call our brand "The Tina Turner Buddhist."

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